Blog Update: Let’s catch up!

I’ve been AWOL for the past few months, so thank you to everyone who has continued to follow and share my content! With the COVID 19 crisis occurring and personal life taking over, I haven’t been as active on my blog as I’ve wanted to be. Being in grad school and navigating its complexities can be a slippery slope, so I’ve been doing my best to stay strong and take care of my emotional and physical health during this time.

I’m sure you all want an update, so here are some things I’ve been up to since the beginning of the year:

  • I traveled to Nigeria and Ghana for some personal travel and to give back through service learning trips! I’m planning on writing more about my trip soon.
  • Got more in-depth with my research plans and started some new collaborations!
  • I joined Cornell Healthcare Review as a writer!
  • Spoke at a roundtable session and presented a talk virtually!
  • Getting back to reading! I’ve read almost 15 books since the start of this year and haven’t been slowing down. I even finished 3 books in one week!
  • Got accepted to the blackcomputeHER Fellows program and received an Honorable Mention from two prestigious fellowships.
  • I updated my academic website!
Had a terrifying (but awesome) time on a ropes course in Accra with other Cornell students and my professor!

I have a lot of content prepared to post, but want to be sensitive to your needs at this time. What kind of content are you looking to see?

Some things I have in mind are staying consistent through personal and global crises, completing your work virtually, and managing your finances as a grad student. With tax season already here, I was planning on focusing on budgeting, saving, and tax topics but I definitely want to hear your thoughts!

Many schools have posted resource websites for their graduate students. If you’re looking for more tips to stay motivated during this time, check out Cornell Graduate School’s website! Be sure to take care of yourself!

Thanks for reading! You can catch up on my previous posts here. Feel free to share this post and follow me on all social media platforms @CollegeSista! Have questions about applying to grad school, life as a graduate student, or Cornell in particular? You’re welcome to contact me on LinkedIn or through email!